With the holidays upon us, it is only appropriate that we all don our gay apparel. I personally own holiday attire for many occasions, starting with a lovely Halloween vest, a nicer Autumn sweater, 2 Christmas sweaters, and a New Year’s vest. The more embroidered/embellished, the better, in my opinion. There is a “tacky sweater” movement that somewhat seeks to make fun of these delightful sweaters and vests, but I happen to quite like them. When I wear mine, am I being serious or am I joking? I have a hard time deciding, as I think I make them (the sweaters) look good. With a cute dress underneath and a cute pair of flats, you too can rock a holiday vest or sweater, if you’re a lady (or not!).

I used to wonder at what age a woman starts purchasing holiday attire, wearing brooches, and lipstick. I guess I answered my own question when I found myself purchasing all of the aforementioned during last year’s holiday season, at the ripe age of 25. Welcome to womanhood, I suppose! I thought it would be a bit more exciting, but then again, I think red lipstick and a holiday sweater or jumper both scream excitement with bells and whistles in the background.

The picture below is a depiction of how I’ve become less Cushingoid since my transition into womanhood this time last year. I purchased that lovely holiday jumper for kicks and my own enjoyment, and this year I’ve purchased two holiday sweaters. I am doing better health wise, but I’m still not out of the clear. What a difference a year can make, but some things never change, like my ability to find tacky outfits! Fat or not as fat, I still look ridiculous…ly awesome, in my opinion, and most likely the same in yours 🙂

Finest Holiday Attire
You know you like it!

On a more serious note, I have an exciting week of medical appointments coming up: I’ll be killing three birds with one stone (sorry birds!) at Shands on Tuesday, with an MRI, followed by an appointment with my old neurosurgeon, then an appointment/consultation with a general surgeon about having a bilateral adrenalectomy (aka removing both adrenal glands). For those of you who are wondering, I equate the adrenal glands to being like little party hats for your kidneys, as they sit on top of the kidneys and produce many things that are essential to life and living. In a nutshell, my adrenal glands produce way too much cortisol, which poisons my own body, and it all comes from a brain tumor that I may or may not still have…I’ll find out soon! And my 4th appointment is with my local endo next Friday, to see where all of my hormone levels stand, yippee! It’s like Christmas came early this year.

In other exciting news, this blog hit 300 views today! Hooray and up she rises, although I’m not a drunken sailor. Keep reading, keep laughing, keep checking back for periodic updates. I’ll know more as the week nears an end! Wish me luck and send me some o dat positive energy you have in store!


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