Think Pink!…Floyd Laser Light Show…

…on my brain. That’s what this “stereotactic radiosurgery” business sounds like to me (give it a google, it’s rather futuristic). This foreign sounding term is the next surgery I will most likely have to have on my cranium, most likely in February 2013. It’s “bloodless brain surgery”, in an outpatient manner. It’s the second line of defense in treating Cushing’s Disease (my favorite disease, in case you haven’t quite picked up on that)…and if it doesn’t cure me, then I’ll move onto step 34098, being a bilateral adrenalectomy, yikes. In preparation for surgery, some of the most wonderful Santa Barbarian friends I have sent me the following items:

gearing up for surgery
Some wonderful friends sent me these goodies

…an amazing Pink Floyd tshirt and a freakin’ laser beam (said in the best Dr. Evil voice). Thanks again, all πŸ™‚ I’ll wear my new shirt to pre-op the day before surgery!

Anywho, the holidays have been rather hectic with medical appointments and trying to get my future squared away. I think I’ve had about 8 appointments with my various doctors over the course of a couple weeks. My latest appointment was yesterday in Gainesville, where I was extremely lucky to get a new endocrinologist, Dr. S., who seems like a great fit and I look forward to working with her in the future. I’m going to repeat some lab tests for her, then meet with her again in a month to see if surgery is absolutely necessary. My cortisol levels are coming down and it’s normal in the blood, but still a bit high in my saliva and I have to redo the 24-hour urine collection, oh joy. So we’ll just wait and see, which is pretty much the name of this disease…Cushing’s “Wait and See” Disease.

Despite so many medical appointments (5 in Gainesville, 3 local), I’ve still been able to have an amazing holiday season. We were able to travel to Alabama to spend Christmas with some relatives, which was wonderfully awesome and necessary. I’ve been able to catch up with many old friends in town, and I’ve been staying on track with my healthy eating and exercising. Now we’re all gearing up for a bit of a celebratory way to ring in 2k13.

With the new year upon us, it is only appropriate that I have spent a lot of time reflecting over this past year. It’s been the best of times and it’s been the worst of times, but when it comes down to it, I’m just really glad/lucky to be alive. I can’t say that these were my sentiments in April – August 2011, as I lay suicidal and near death’s door. In honor of my better health and the upcoming new year, I’ll share a few things for which I’m incredibly thankful, in no particular order:
  • Supportive and loving family and friends; without you all, I’m 100% confident I wouldn’t be here to send you long-winded emails on a semi-regular basis πŸ™‚
  • My roommates (old and new, from college/Townhole, CO, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Tallahassee)
  • Sweet and cute baby animals, namely my dog Maximus
  • Good food – homemade mainly
  • Life in ‘Merica, the land of the free and the home of the brave
  • Tempurpedic pillows – they’re solid as a rock and they conform to fit the shape of your head!
  • The innernet/ and technology – other mediums through which I can keep in touch with you all!
  • Modern medicine – without it, I’d be a goner.
  • Healing through a healthy lifestyle – I enjoy reading up on and implementing healthy tactics to better my life.
  • The ability to document my successes and failures and essentially my life through writing – it’s a great outlet/therapeutic tool.
  • My sense of humor. It’s what’s for dinner. Albeit delicious, it’s actually what gets me through most of my days!

As always, thanks for reading and thanks for your love and support! I wish everyone out there a happy and HEALTHY new year. Stay safe and may the start of your 2013 be a good one.

Kicking Cushing’s to the curb,


Christmas day 2011 vs. 2012
Christmas day 2011 vs. 2012




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