Kicking It Without Cushing’s

Because to be Kicking it With Cushing’s, well:

no thyme
No thyme at all. But time? Nah.

So that’s what I think I’m doing, and have no reason to believe otherwise…I had a follow-up with my endo down in SoFlo this past June 16th, and he said so far, so good.

No problems with my tongue.
No problems with my tongue.

A couple months later, I had some labs drawn for him on September 2nd, and again, he said things are looking mighty fine. I’ll go for my next appointment on December 15th, and see if all is still well in a few months. I take my meds and supplements as prescribed, and have yet to experience an adrenal crisis or to use my SoluCortef injection with that thick ass needle. Due to the radiation I had on my pituitary about a year and a half ago, I have to get all of my pituitary hormones checked every so often, because in 2-5 years from the date of my stereotactic radiosurgery, it’s quite likely that I’ll lose all function of my pituitary. It’s neat that it functions still with only its stalk and 1/3 of the gland, as the other 2/3 were removed during the various surgeries I’ve had over the last few years. In the meantime, I’ll just keep washing my hands as instructed below, and hope for the best:

Sudsy Lisa
Sudsy Lisa at the Cleveland Clinic

En route to going to my last appointment in Weston, Florida, my father and I stopped by the Everglades for a hot minute/day. Having lived in Florida for the majority of my life, it was my first time there, and I think it was the same for my dad. We saw our fair share of wildlife and got bitten by our fair share of the 43 varieties of mosquitoes that inhabit the park. Fortunately, we did not get eaten by a Burmese python, as they slither unrestrained (yikes!) throughout the park and have been known to eat alligators, but not as large as the one pictured below:

The Gator Nation is EVERYWHERE
The Gator Nation is EVERYWHERE

Because it was Father’s Day when we were in the ‘Glades and we both love loud noises, we went out of the park to take an airboat ride nearby, another first for the both of us. I didn’t think I’d be overly taken with it, but I was too quick to judge. We both enjoyed ourselves, and the windblown looks that came free with the purchase of a ride.

Rad Airboat Dad
Rad Airboat Dad

Soon after my SoFlo appt, my sister and her husband revealed that she was carrying a little growing bean in her belly. I’ll be an aunt for the first time with my tiny nephew in late November, so that’s pretty darn exciting!

Little Bean will love me and I will love him!
Little Bean will love me and I will love him!

The end of June called for a trip to Milwaukee and other parts of Wisconsin to visit relatives and get my fill of Bratwursts and cheese curds for a lifetime. My aunt and I went to Summerfest for a day, which is a huuuuuuge music festival on the Lake front in Milwaukee, where we ate strange foods and saw the headliner for that night, Outkast. Apparently, it was a show on their 20th year reunion tour – who knew?! As you can imagine, the show was awesomely energetic, entertaining, and crowded.

Holy deliciousness on a stick.
Pre-Outkast Holy Deliciousness on a stick. (beef wiener wrapped in a spiralized potato, deep fried, then drizzled with jalapeno cheez, sriracha ketchup, mayo, and beer candied bacon.)

The Fourth of July happened, and I celebrated America’s Independence with my family at Lake Martin in Alabama. A couple weeks later, I celebrated my 28th birthday with a polka dotted hat and some friends:

Who doesn't love a cutesy party hat and a giant margarita?!
Who doesn’t love a cutesy party hat and a giant margarita?!

Having no adrenal glands is a rather serious condition, and while it can be medically managed, I am supposed to wear a piece of medical alert jewelry in case of an emergency. I am now steroid dependent and if I happened to be in a bad accident or something of the sort, I could die if I didn’t get enough of the steroids I’m lacking into my body in a timely manner. Instead of always wearing a bracelet or a necklace, I decided to get this sweet ratatattoo on my inner left wrist:

My very literal medical tattoo
My very literal medical tattoo

It wasn’t painful, but I don’t foresee myself getting any other tattoos in my lifetime. It just felt like someone was repeatedly dragging a hot thin needle over my skin for a prolonged period of time. It was uncomfortable, but not excruciatingly painful.

As the summer draws to a close, I have not been wearing white past Labor Day. Just kidding, I rarely wear white to begin with, and don’t adhere much to fashion rules, if that one is even still a thing. I will miss the weekend beach trips and swimming in the warm Gulf waters with good friends, seeing good friends home from overseas, brunching outdoors, and all things summer, but I am ready for a change in this 100° heat and a chance to see pretty foliage when I go to North Carolina next month for a friend’s wedding.

Cheers to the end of summer and being able to live a pretty dang normal life sans adrenal glands:

What I am is what I am, are you what you are or what?
What I am is what I am, are you what you are or what?
Fitting beach feast for 20 - made by yours truly
Fitting beach feast for 20 – made by yours truly

And just remember – when life hands you lemons, or fun socks from South Korea (Thanks Bryan!), squeeze em/wear em, and find time to laugh and embrace your situation:

Why so serious?
Why so serious?

Also, it’s now 2007 in Ethiopia, and to celebrate, I made a few Ethiopian dishes for my family to enjoy last week:

Dog Approved Habesha Migib
Dog Approved Habesha Migib

In closing, I’ll leave y’all with a comparison of how far I’ve come since December of 2011 with Cushing’s, and July 2014 without Cushing’s:

I've come a long way, but still have much to conquer.
I’ve come a long way, but still have much to conquer, but so far I have a healthier aura for Laura!

As always, thanks to everyone for your love and support. I hope y’all had a lovely summer, and come on Fall and college football! #gogata



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