Cushing’s-Free. It’s The Way To Be.

Happy New Year to Ewe!

Ewe/you, get it?! #sheepingbeauty
Ewe/you, get it?! #sheepingbeauty

I hope 2k15 is off to great start for everyone out there. Isn’t it wild that year 2000/Y2K was 15 years ago already?

Before the turn of the New Year, I had noticed a bit of weight loss. Clothes I had not been able to wear in over a year were suddenly fitting (I try to not weigh myself at home and let that be up to the doctor whenever I go, so I wasn’t sure how many lbs had come off.). In my mind, this could mean one of two things: I was experiencing positive results from my bilateral adrenalectomy and Cushing’s was on its way out, OR I had an onset of diabetes.

Hi dress, it's nice to finally wear you after you've been so nicely hanging in my closet for such a long time.
Hi dress, it’s nice to finally wear you after you’ve been so nicely hanging in my closet for such a long time.

Dun dun dun…

However, it’s with a clearer mind and happier heart that I start this new year, knowing that I am living without Cushing’s. This medical saga has been about 4 years (possibly much longer) in the making – and I can finally say that I no longer have that horrid disease. I went to see my endocrinologist at the Cleveland Clinic in SoFlo a few weeks ago, and upon review of my labs and us talking, he said that things are looking good and going as planned following my latest/greatest surgery. My follow-up with him is next December, with labs drawn at the halfway mark in June. What the what. That means only 2 planned hospital visits in ONE YEAR’S TIME (an MRI/appt with Dr. McTractive at Shands in April & Cleveland Clinic next December) – which is unheard of for my life these past few years. But I’ll take it. And put that on repeat.

Cushing's-free is the way to be!
Cushing’s-free is the way to be!

I was in Ft. Laudy as a solo traveler, and I had some time to kill after my appointment, so I found a fantastic hole-in-the-wall Cuban place, with the help of Yelp. It was a walk-up, tiny place, with seats at a bar right on a busy road. A limited menu of a few sammies, delectable coffee, and smoothies (hence the array of blenders), but what more would one need?

The biggest, most delicious Cuban you'll ever put in your mouth.
The biggest, most delicious Cuban you’ll ever put in your mouth. I was only able to eat half. So.much.goodness.

After a filling and overly satisfying meal, I strolled on the beach for a bit. I’ll know next time to bring a bathing suit, as there were many people swimming and laying out in Mid-December. A perk of living in or visiting South Florida.

Clear water, full stomach, can't lose.
Clear water, full stomach, can’t lose.

That good news segued into a fruitful holiday season, albeit a tad rainy leading up to Christmas. Tallahassee saw record rainfall, I think getting close to 8″ in one day.

And have yourself a rainy little Christmas Eve...
And have yourself a rainy little Christmas Eve…daytime photo.

Dreariness aside, I got to see many out of town friends and some family, spend quality time with my in-town family, and overall, have a memorable time.

Me and my gnomies.
Me and my gnomies.
Guten [egg] noggin!
Güten [egg] noggin!
A Bountiful Baker I'll be.
A Bountiful Baker I’ll be.

But just so y’all know, the struggle to put an adornment on my dog’s head is real:

And did I mention this doofus?
He wanted to eat the dang thing!

And then Cushing’s-free me made a random post-holiday decision to get my hairs dyed. The result:

Dark Hair, Don't Care.
Dark Hair, Don’t Care.

Looking back over the past few years and my struggle with a medical condition that I was not able to control, I realize I’m damn lucky to be alive. I won’t get all sappy, but to have a semi-clean bill of health and have Cushing’s aside, is an incredible feeling. Three years ago, I managed to get out of the hospital in time to be home for Christmas, after having had my second of 3 transsphenoidal pituitary tumor resection surgeries (aka brain surgery). Cushing’s came back after that, and then again. And again. To be able to say that I am on the mend and mean it, is empowering.

The power of positive thinking, of loving/supportive family and friends, health insurance, modern medicine, skilled doctors and nurses, and the ability to live a relatively normal life without an important little body part are all awesome. And getting a quarterly newsletter in the mail about the latest and greatest in the Cushing’s Community is awesome as well, as it is something I look forward to. Knowing that there are others out there with a similar story is super helpful, as this is a hard condition to fully understand.

Real talk with real people about a real and rare disease.
Real talk with real people about a real and rare disease.

I’m thankful to be alive, and to be able to share my story with others. This blog may seem like one of those holiday letters that some families send out, where they boast about what everyone has accomplished in the past year/toot their own horns, etc…but it’s just a way for me to tell it like it is. I’ve had a few people reach out to me after having read my blog. Mission accomplished – I’m here to help others who may have Cushing’s and have not yet gotten a diagnosis, or to help anyone with a rare disease know that they’re not alone.

From the time of my last post until now, I acquired a beautiful baby nephew and I’m so thankful I’ll be able to watch him grow up:

Frog jams & baby hands. A winning combo.
Frog jams & baby hands. A winning combo.

2015 is going to be the year that I get my groove back.

Getting fit.
Strong Arm. Muscles Magee. Whatever you want to call me.

Until next time, I’ll leave y’all with a cup of herbal tea that looks like strawberry milk:

Pink tea, not milk.
This is really tea. In a mug that has a gnome pushing a wheelbarrow on it. Great success.

As always, I appreciate everyone’s continued love and support. May 2015 be a great year for us all.

Give me a home where the fake dinosaurs roam.
Give me a home where the fake dinosaurs roam.

Much Love,



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  1. I didn’t realize you had been posting on the blog! I am so jealous of your beach pic and even the Tallahassee Christmas rain.

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