Happy Cushing’s Awareness Day!

It’s been a year since I wrote anything on this blog, and to quote The Beatles, “Ob-la-di, ob-la-da, life goes on brah”. Today just so happens to be “Cushing’s Awareness Day,” which gives “Velociraptor Awareness Day”, “National Hairball Awareness Day”, “Sweet Potato Awareness Month” and “Workplace Politics Awareness Month” a run for their monies. Today is the birthday of the man/father of modern neurosurgery, who discovered Cushing’s, and so aptly named it after himself: Harvey Cushing.

My relationship with Cushing’s can best be described as a love/hate one. On one hand, in addition to having 4 fingers and a thumb, I absolutely hate the fact that this happened to me (I’ll never fully understand why it did), and on the other hand, it’s been a weird blessing. If I had finished my Peace Corps assignment in Ethiopia without getting sick, I imagine I would have stayed living overseas. I would have missed living with my old roommates (parents), weddings of many friends, getting the perfect rescue pup, celebrating holidays and other special occasions with family and friends, the birth of my favorite nephew (he’s the only one), eating Gulf oysters, and the list goes on.

Gulf oysters are the absolute best


What Cushing’s Disease means to me:

  • My life drastically turned upside down
  • My life that’s just fine

    chair at beach
  • Loss of identity
  • Gain in self confidence

    tea bag
    This has been a work in progress. Getting there!
  • Time spent in a psychiatric ward (1 month) for doctors thinking I was a nut
  • Being grateful to get a diagnosis

    test kits
    So many specimen collections
  • Countless medical tests, images, pokes, prods, and so many visits to so many different doctors
  • Lucky to be alive

    Cushings hospita
    Who is under all those blankets?
  • Feeling helpless, feeling hopeless
  • Feeling elated, feeling joy

    baby max
    It’s my pup in a bag!
  • Brain surgery, brain surgery, brain surgery, radiation, medication,  adrenal removal surgery
  • Surviving
  • Hatred for my body for what it did to itself, including my mind/mental state for awhile
  • Appreciation for my body, after discovering how resilient it is after all that it’s been through

    MRI safety
    Safety zone
  • Having adrenals ruin my life
  • Not having adrenals saving my life

    high five, world
    High five to the world


I don’t want pity, nor do I want to be told I’m brave, as having this disease was out of my control, and I did what I had to do. I DO want for all medical professionals to have knowledge of Cushing’s, and not just endocrinologists who specialize in it. I do wish that all general practitioners treated all patients with respect and dignity, regardless of their disease, disability, weight, etc., etc. And also for everyone to realize that this disease can end in death if not properly treated or caught at the right time. I encourage anyone who knows that something(s) in their body is out of sync – talk it out, get a 2nd opinion, advocate for yourself, and don’t let the haters get you down.

Let’s raise a toast to the stupidest disease on the planet, Cushing’s: (oh, and Happy Birthday, Harvey. From A League of Their Own – Mr. Harvey like your candy bars, you’re completely…nuts!)

Put them dranks up

Happy Cushing’s Awareness Day to all, till I saw you some mo’.


2 thoughts on “Happy Cushing’s Awareness Day!

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  1. Happy Cushing’s Day! I have addison’s disease, and have appreciated reading about a similar journey I have had through illness. I got your email today and wanted you to know I was moved by your story! Thank you for sharing!

    1. Thank you so much! How long have you had Addison’s? I now have adrenal insufficiency due to Cushing’s – had to have my adrenals removed 🙂 Thanks for your kind words – happy day to you!

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