So Long, Kidney Party Hats!

Well, they’re officially off of my kidneys and out of my life. My adrenal glands, that is. Before heading up to Oh-Oh-Oh-Ohio, some of my lovely friends back home threw a going away dinner for me, wherein they got me an awesome cake:

Push That Cush!

It read, “Time for you to push that Cush – we love you Laura!” Thoughtful and appropriate, and I only then learned that “Kush” is a weed reference (I live under a rock). However, the Cush they were referring to was an abbreviation for Cushing’s, the stupid disease I’ve been dealing with for the last many years.

My friends rock pretty hard, party hats and all 🙂

My Gland Finale send off was a ton of fun, and my friends are the best and most thoughtful (thanks ladies and gents!). We ate a magnificent dinner and finished it off with the aforementioned/photoed Cush cake (carrot for the win!), and I was showered with balloons, flowers, sweet cards, and a few other delicacies. It was definitely a morale booster as I headed up to Cleveland to have surgery.

Road Trip Ready
Road Trip Ready
Psych! This is in Tennessee…

My parents and I headed up to Ohio from Florida a couple days before surgery, and moseyed our way on up there, passing by Cleveland, Tennessee en route. I think the Ohio version rocks harder, or at least they have a Rock & Roll Hall of Fame there…The Cleve, as I came to call it, didn’t seem all that bad, and it wasn’t the “Mistake on the Lake” I’ve heard it referred to as – it was full of charm and culture and a really huge hospital, the place I’d learn to call home for a few days!

Cleveland Clinic
My Home Away From Home

The clinic campus in Ohio is phenomenally large, spanning for several blocks, plus other locations in the area. I just so happened to have my surgery at the main campus in the Cleve, which seemed to be a convenient location in the city, with my parents at a hotel only a couple blocks away.

My day of pre-op on Monday, May 5th, went really well – I started at 8am with a CT scan of my abdomen/adrenals, then proceeded on from there to just about every other appointment one would every need to have leading up to surgery.

The Cleveland Clinic – so welcoming to all!

Everyone we met with was super friendly and nice, accommodating and knowledgeable, and made me feel as though I had made the right choice in choosing the Cleveland Clinic for my Bilateral Adrenalectomy (BLA). The Ohio branch is ranked #2 in the country as far as adult endocrine affairs are concerned. Can’t beat that!

I was able to end the day with one last hurrah while having my glands – as it just so happened to be Cinco de Mayo. A margarita (OK so I had 2) and queso were the perfect ways to end my disease-filled life – and you best believe I enjoyed every bite and sip!

$3 Mason Jar Margs and the best queso in town!

I had to cut off food and drink at midnight, in preparation for the surgery that was about to ensue, but that wasn’t a problem, as I was asleep by 9:30pm for my 4:00am wake up call...Bilateral Adrenalectomy or Bust!

Inpatient swag/surgical prep.

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